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Document Styles

As it currently stands we're very limited in how we can style our Documents.

In order to add extra spacing we have to hit return multiple times, which in turn, generates a bunch of blank <p></p> tags. This is not great.

We also have no way to adjust the styles (size/color/padding etc.) of any of the default h1 - h6 tags. For example, I'm using h2 tags in my Document and come to find out those tags are way to big in comparison to the Document Title; which btw is using <p class="doc_title" instead of a more appropriate h1 tag. I have no way to adjust this without editing the core styles (which I'd prefer not to do).

The only option that I have is to lower the it to h3 but this doesn't follow appropriate h1 - h6 structure.

In addition to the above it would be nice to get the option to brand some of that view page in our own colours (talking about the top/bottom dark grey/blue bars).

Currently the logo get's shoved in at the top of the Document as well but there is not remotely enough breathing room between the Document Title and the bottom of the logo; again without editing core style.css there is no way to adjust this. :/

Please give us a few more styling options for our document/view page.

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Amber C. shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

I agree with you guys 100%. We actually have already started rolling out a 3 phase project that will eventually introduce more document styliing options when creating a document using the plain text method.

We’re currently on the first phase (which is PDF upload Drag & Drop) once this is released and ready we’ll be adding some serious improvements to the plain text document creation process.

Thanks for the great feedback!

Kind Regards,


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