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Add-On: Quotes & Proposals

**User Story Title**

Create Quotes and Proposals that can be signed and accepted

**User Story Description**

As a {admin} user, I need {the ability to create custom quotes and proposals of services} so that {signers can sign proposals and estimates}.

**User Story Acceptance Criteria**

- The admin user has the ability to create line item proposals.

- The admin user has the ability save save common info i.e. hourly rates, etc.

- The admin user has the ability to add description of proposal

- The signer has the ability to sign a proposal or estimate

- The plugin creates a new tab called "Accepted Proposals"

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AdminKevin at WP E-Signature (Founder, WP E-Signature) shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
planned  ·  AdminKevin at WP E-Signature (Founder, WP E-Signature) responded  · 

Hey Amber this is a fantastic idea. I can definitely see the value in adding more proposal add-on integrations such as Bidsketch and Proposify. I have changed the status again to planned and will bring this up with the team again.

Note: We are currently in the middle of a 2.0 rewrite (which is exciting because it is preparing the plugin for our PDF Upload & Front-End Dashboard experience). We will need these two components to first be completed before completing these newer integrations since the 2.0 version will have a slightly different engine than our current version.

Love the idea though! And will definitely keep you posted.


Kevin at ApproveMe


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  • Kevin commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    As many are using WooCommerce and have WooCommerce Digital Signature add-on installed, it would be great to have Digital Signature work with Quotation Plugin for WooCommerce (

    Could add to the existing WooCommerce Digital Signature add-on which would give us the option to select 'Redirect user to sign after accepting proposal' or have an add-on specifically for the quotation plugin (could require having the WooCommerce Digital Signature add-on installed).

  • Amber commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I know this is marked as completed but I had commented below regarding how not all users utilize or can switch to, Sprout Invoices.

    As I have mulled this over, over the past few months, maybe it would be possible to see something like a Proposify or Bidsketch integration for those of us that don't use Sprout Invoices.

  • Amber commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is great but myself and several other individuals I know that use WP E-Signature actually use WooCommerce (modified) as a billing platform. (Their Subscriptions/Email Notices etc. are excellent for this).

    So while this integration is great for those that use Sprout Invoices it would be nice to get something standalone, or that also syncs with WooCommerce.

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